SBFP bank is an international financial institution that provides financial services to businesses and persons worldwide. It is situated and legally registered in Moheli, an autonomous island in the Union of the Comoros.

We offer current accounts, savings accounts, money transfers, payment services, competitive foreign exchange rates, investment services and debit card services operated by experienced professionals from world-class banks and financial institutions.

Being a client-oriented business, we aim to build strong long-term relationship with our clients by providing an exceptional level of service demonstrated by the highest levels of performance and governance as well as price for quality at all times.

We follow international best practice in our client acceptance processes, financial administration and management of client data. SBFP bank is also a strong supporter of all intergovernmental initiatives to prevent money laundering and employs the empowerment of anti-money laundering controls.

As the exclusive license is registered by the Mwali (Moheli) International Services Authority SBFP bank gives advantages to its clients to

  • Make their business beyond geographical restrictions guaranteeing security, strength and opportunity.
  • Conduct financial operations in accordance with tax-neutral legislation in Comoros
  • Enjoy privacy and easiness of conducting financial and banking operations rather than the surveillance of their local domestic banks