General Terms and Conditions

  • The SBFP Bank undertakes the maintenance of Client accounts in the following currencies: USD, EUR and GBP. The Bank charges fees for maintaining accounts or for performing certain account operations. The Bank is implicitly authorized to debit any bank account of a Client in order to collect payment of fees, commissions and/or costs due and owing to the Bank on any date.
  • Contacts with Clients are primarily electronic, either via the Online Banking or email. Voice contacts are by telephone or Skype. Written contact is possible via email or couriered letter delivery. The Bank may decline to act on any request or instruction received from any Client if in its view the channel used to send the message is not secure or the message is not authenticated using a method or system specified by the Bank.
  • The Bank only accepts electronic instructions for execution of transactions through the Online Banking using Internet Access Code. Emails are treated as unauthenticated messages.