Corporate account request

Required documents:

  • Certificate of incorporation and Certificate of registered address.
  • Certificate of Directors, Shares and Shareholders.
  • Certificate of Good standing in case of Company older than 1 year.
  • High quality passport copy of the beneficiary and of Nominee representatives (if any).
  • Scan of Utility bill, or bank statement that indicates the residential address of the beneficiary.
  • Reference letter from the Bank (lawyer or accountant) – optional, however it accelerates the process.

All references and Utility Bills must be not older than 3 months


  • Personal visit is not required.

Please, follow the below 5 steps in order to proceed with your account opening process.
Make sure the data you provided is correct, reliable and valid. Try to be as specific as possible, this will guarantee a fast and flawless account opening process.
Please note: All fields marked with   are required.
After submitting this application, your account details will be sent to you within next 24 hours. We will assign to you one of our professional managers, who will contact you upon account registration, and will help you to get acquainted with our system.

Step 1: Business Information

Please, provide us with your business name, country of registration and Company’s contact details.

Please, submit your phone number in international format

Please describe your Company's activity, including geographic spread

Step 2: Beneficiary Information

Please, provide Company Owner’s personal details.

Date of Birth

Please use the physical address (no P.O. box, registered agent, board of directors or trustee addresses)

Please, submit your phone number in international format

Step 3: Identification Document Details

Please, select you Identification Document type and upload a copy of the document using the ‘Choose File’ option below.

Please, upload a clear and legible copy of the front pages of your passport, ID card or driver’s license, including the photograph

Step 4: Online Banking

Please, let us know which Login ID you would like to have. This Login Name will be used to enter your Online Banking system once account will be activated.

Step 5: Account Currency

Please, choose account currency



Choose tariff plan

By clicking Send Request you agree that all submitted information is accurate, up to date and that we can contact you for service reasons by secure e-message (if you are registered for Online Banking), email or text message by using the contact details you have provided during this application or any you provide in the future.