Do I need to come to the bank in person to open an account?

You are not obliged to come in person to open a bank account. The whole procedure may be completed by post (apart from few exceptions). However, if you wish, we can organize a personal meeting with the managers of the banks we work with worldwide.

How long does it take to open an account?

Account opening takes 2-3 days; compliance and KYC check 1-3 days ( depends on the set of the documents submitted).

Which documents are required to open an account?

To open personal bank account:

  • A notarized copy of passport.
  • An original bank reference letter.
  • An original utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement confirming residential address.
  • Completed and signed Account Opening Application Form

To open corporate account:

  • Certificate of incorporation and Certificate of registered address.
  • Certificate of Directors, Shares and Shareholders.
  • Articles of association (if in certificate of incorporation it is not stated who can act on behalf of your company – signing and decision-making rights)
  • Certificate of Good standing in case of Company older than 1 year.
  • High quality passport copy of the beneficiary and of Nominee representatives (if any).
  • Certified Utility bill, or bank statement that indicates the residental address of the beneficiary.
  • Reference letter from the Bank (lawyer or accountant).
  • Completed and signed Account Opening Application Form


All documents must be accompanied by English translation

All references and Utility Bills must be not older than 3 months

Why do I have to choose your bank among all the others?

  • SBFP is client-oriented
  • Our staff and management has common sense
  • Light KYC and compliance
  • Rapid and simple way of opening accounts
  • Minimum documents are required (copies of originals can be sent online)
  • 24/7 online
  • Easy online access
  • No bureaucracy
  • Receiving money worldwide
  • Solid correspondent network
  • Highest level of confidentiality and security
  • Our managers travel worldwide to their clients if needed.

What are the advantages of this particular jurisdiction?

There are very few jurisdictions in the present day world that offer privacy and secrecy. The Union of Comoros and a range of establishments registered in this jurisdiction offer secrecy and confidentiality of a Client . You do not need to file any accounts or disclose beneficial ownership to the Governments. There are no corporate, dividends or any other taxes in this jurisdiction

Which banks do you work with?

For legal reasons, we cannot disclose the names of the establishments we work with. However, be assured that we only work with first class banks and financial institutions, which are able to offer you all the services you may require (internet banking, anonymous credit and debit cards, payment services, money transfers, company establishment etc.).

Is it possible to open a private account as well as an account in the name of my company?

Yes. We can also take care of opening a private account in addition to the account in the name of your company

What fees apply for maintaining the bank account?

On average the fees for maintaining the account is 15 Euro per month. However, there are no fees for opening a premium account.

Can I have a bank account in different currencies?

Once the bank account has been opened, you can choose a multi-currency account. This will allow you to keep several currencies in the same account. When a new currency is used, the bank will automatically open a "sub-account" so that you do not have to pay any exchange fees.

What is the minimum initial deposit required by the bank?

The minimum initial deposit is not required by the bank we represent, only account opening fee is applied.

Does the bank provide debit cards?

Yes, you can apply for debit card.

How can I use the funds from my offshore account?

As with any other bank account, the funds of your offshore company bank account will be accessible through credit/debit cards, cheques, Internet banking or withdrawal at the bank.