Investments management

SBFP Investment Services is not only concerned about your finances today, but also your financial well-being in the future. This is why we have a team of financial management professionals who provide our customers with financial guidance based on careful investment research, focused on your financial goals.

The future is a work in progress, but great things usually happen to those who have and follow a solid plan. The mission of SBFP Investment Services is to help make your financial goals reality. Your personal representative will work closely with you to define your financial goals, craft an investment strategy, and implement it while continually consulting you and monitoring your investments.

The broad spectrum of financial products to which SBFP Investment Services has access, makes it possible to customize an investment program that fits your unique needs.

Analysis of Overall Investment Portfolio
Consolidation of Your Accounts
Diversification Management
Conservative, Long-term Approach


Successful investment strategies are a team effort. Working with our clients, we identify the resources that can best achieve the goal. That kind of personal service is rare today, and that's why our clients value it so high.