Security and Stability

SBFP Bank is situated in the Comoros Union - a sovereign archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean located at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel and off the eastern coast of Africa. Known as the Comoros Union of which Seychelles is also a member.

The Bank offer total confidentiality and will not provide information to third parties under any circumstances.

SBFP Bank is CONFIDENTIAL - We don't exchange information about our clients with other banks. All this information is strictly confidential and will not be revealed to anyone under any circumstances.

SBFP Bank is FAST - The account opening procedure is faster and less bureaucratic.

SBFP Bank is SECURE - Our financial transactions are always protected.

The client remains always anonymous. We strictly respect privacy and banking secrecy.

We are not under Central Bank control.

We are not FACTA Regulated, but the bank does comply with all International money laundering laws.

We offer high quality assistance.

We provide each client with a personal assistant whom you can apply to at any time and on any question.

We have reasonable prices for service.

Our staff is multilingual.

We are committed to a consistently high level of personalized service, focused on building a close and long term relationship based on openness, credibility and confidentiality as we believe our client's trust is our most valuable asset.

Client's confidentiality is one of our main priorities. Comoros Institutions are not regulated by FATCA and client's Personal information will not be revealed or transmitted to third parties under any circumstances.

No Loans

While you may not know it, one of the biggest risks to banking clients is not online fraud, but the fractional reserve banking system. SBFP Bank holds a 100% deposit ratio and is a transactional only bank. The bank makes no loans and does not engage in leverage or speculation with client assets.


The bank utilizes 256bit SSL encryption certificates to protect all client sensitive material. Our software is PCI compliant and follows the latest in online security practices.

Human transfer operational system.

Unlike major money center banks who have straight through processing (STP), our trained staff manually processes all outgoing transactions.