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A Matter of Trust

You've worked hard to build a lifetime of assets. Managing and protecting those assets for you and future generations is the primary purpose of the trust department at SBFP bank. We understand your needs and desires are unique. We tailor our services to meet your individual goals, with protection and growth of assets as a fundamental focus.

Our Services

SBFP bank provides numerous services to meet your individual needs and objectives. Proper coordination with your professional advisor(s) will ensure the type of rhe account or service that is most beneficial.

About offshore trust

An offshore trust is created when assets are transferred to a trustee. The trustee becomes the legal owner and is responsible for managing the assets and distributing them to the beneficiaries of the offshore trust (which could include the person or corporation which transferred the assets to the trustees) in accordance with the terms of the trust deed.

The terms on which the trustees administer the trust assets are detailed in a trust deed. Trust legislation - to govern trusts - has been enacted in many common law jurisdictions.

What assets can be held by an offshore trust?
  • Shares and stocks in both quoted and unquoted companies
  • Investment portfolios
  • Real and intellectual property
  • Bank deposits
  • Life assurance policies issued on the life of the Settlor
  • Most other types of asset
Advantages of an offshore trust
  • Private relationship, for example, in the Isle of Man offshore trust deeds are not publicly registered
  • Wealth protection
  • Tailored to specific family requirements
  • Recognised in all common law jurisdictions
  • Increasing recognition in important civil law jurisdictions
  • An important tool in the international income, capital gains and estate tax planning
  • Used by corporations for employee benefit plans, retirement and stock option schemes, insurance plans and special financing arrangements

Our Commitment

SBFP bank is committed to provide trust services with a better approach—more listening, more flexibility, and more customisation. This approach helps providing our clients with high level of service they expect and deserve.

A trust is the solution for individuals who:
  • Want to preserve their wealth against uncertainty, political, economic or family
  • Want to transfer wealth to their heirs in a tax-efficient manner
  • Want to plan their estate to maximize the benefits of their wealth for family members and others
  • Want to transfer wealth to their heirs in accordance with their wishes and not in accordance with the laws of the country where they live
  • Want to consolidate the ownership of assets owned throughout the world in one location
  • Want centralised reporting
  • Want to minimise or eliminate estate taxes arising on the death of the settlor

Why offshore?

When a trust is established in a suitable offshore jurisdiction, provided that residents of the offshore jurisdiction are excluded from receiving benefit from the offshore trust, then there will be no local taxes applicable to the assets and income of the trust.


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